I'm very happy to take part to Out Of Tune 3 - acts of insane beauty, a collective exhibition opening next week in Milan until june, 4.


"Everyday, photography helps getting to know ourselves better. One of the things it taught us, for instance, is that our cities are sad and our life empty with no obscenities surrounding us. We, as people, live and thrive on images and imagination. This is the basic input which brought Out Of Tune, now in its third edition, to life. This collective exhibition is but an attempt to extend the idea of a “different” vision to everyone.
That’s because we’re aware that behind any shot there’s no beginning or end, but only an undiluted passion for life in all of its potential displays. Our natural inclination towards curiosity gives us the right to shoot and click anything: that’s why photography is free from the moral and social obligations restricting all other media languages. The one and only player in Out Of Tune is, and always will, the shot itself"

(giacomo spazio + guido borso, curators)


Further info here.

Emanuele Cremaschi