In the last 20 years thousands of refugees and economic migrants - mostly from Africa and Asia - have gathered around the French port city of Calais, seeking to enter the United Kingdom by stowing away on ferries, lorries or trains travelling through the harbor or the Eurotunnel.
Since 2002, migrants in Calais lived in squats, slums and makeshift camps known as “jungles” (from dzhangal, the Pashto word for forest) that were repeatedly raided and bulldozed.
As of October 2016, the main jungle in Calais was located at a former landfill site, five kilometers from the city centre; on October 24, the French Government began the operations to clear the refugee camp.
After three days, 5.600 people - of which 1.200 minors - were relocated to some 160 reception and hospitality centers elsewhere in France.